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Shush! Growing Up Jewish under Stalin

My mother (c. 1935)



My second-grade graduation class, June 1947. (I’m in the second row from the bottom, the fourth from the right.)  

Uncle Misha, an army sergeant, 1949.


Entrance to the courtyard of the building on Gogol  Street where my friend Zhenya Henriksen lived.







My mother, my little brother Vladimir, and I on a rented dacha (summer 1953). (We are all smiling:  Stalin died a few months ago.)







May 1, 1955. In the back row (left to right), my mother, her sister Clara, Uncle Abram, my father, my mother's close friend, Tanya Beskina. In the front row, my brother Vladimir and Tanya Beskina’s son, Senya.